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Phnom Rabbat is a cultural and natural site located in An Doung Chhey district, Andoung Chhey commune, Rolear Paear, about 12 kilometers south of Kampong Chnnang provincial town.The site is features small, beatiful mountains and abundant fresh air. There is a footprint of the hermit Ta Prohm and a pagoda on the mountaintop, where Cambodians gather during festival days. The stone of Phnom Roabbat is very good fir sgarpening knives. The spot is related to the Ta Preng legend in Cambodian folklore.

Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang is one of the best and finest of the natural resorts of the Kampong Chhnang province in the beautiful and historical country of Cambodia. Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang is one of the top-most Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang, attracting huge crowds to the place.The Phnom Roap Bat is a wonderful and stylish cultural and natural resort located in Andong Chrey village in the Andong Snay commune at Rolea Phaear District. The Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang lies at a distance about 103 kilometers from Phnom Penh by the National Road No. 5.The Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang has been liked by the local people as well as the foreigners because of the presence of small mountains, natural beauty and fresh air for which the place is so well-known.


Phnom Krang Romeas is located in Sre Thmei and Svay Chrum communes, Rolea Paear district, about 2 kilometers from the provincial town. It is a natural site abundant in big trees and fresh air. Cambodians gather here during holidays, particularly Khmer New Year and Pchumben.Kampong Chhnang has many sightseeing attractions which are worth paying a visit. One of the celebrated tourist destinations of the town is the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang. Tourists of all ages visit the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang on a frequent basis.Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang is the popular natural resort of Cambodia. 

Nature lovers love to visit this Phnom Krang Romeas in Kampong Chhnang. On your visit to Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang you can spend time under the shady branches of the big trees. Both adults and children visit the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang on a regular basis. In this natural resort you can refresh your ears with the chirping of the birds. So, if you want to escape from the hum drum of city life, then the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang is the ideal venue.Getting to the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang is very easy. This resort is sited at a distance of about 2 kilometers from the provincial town of Kampong Chhnang. Phnom Penh is also about 13 kilometers from the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang.


Prasat Slut Tey located in Prasat Village, Da Commune, kompong Leng District about 27 km (1h:30mn) From Provincial Town. Historical Sites and Buildings.


Wat Phnom Robath There are a number of temples and hill temples along Highway 5 on the Phnom Penh side of Kampong Chhnang, but if you only stop to see one, this would be the choice. It?s the highest hilltop temple in the area and affords a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding area, including the Cardamom Mountains and the main temple is only eleven years old.

There are paths around the boulders at the top level so one can move about and take in the entire range of view. To get there head out Highway 5 toward Phnom Penh around 10 km or fifteen minutes. You will see the smaller hilltop temple on the left (Phnom Chahm-bpoo) and the taller Phnom Robath beyond. There is a sign in English where you make your left turn ?Attractive 750 meters? (they are correct, it is attractive) and also Phnom Penh, the turn (right turn from this way) is 76 km from the Japanese Bridge in Phnom Penh.


Phnom Ta Reach is the natural and historical site related to the Pol Pot time (1977-197). The site is located at Phnom Touch village, Pong Ro Commune, Ro Lea Pha Ear District in 10 Kilometer distance from the provincial town or 101-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh by the National Road No 5, then turning left by the Road via the new airport. Phnom Ta Reach, the place where Pol Pot forced prisoners to carve the mountain rock having 200-meter length, 2.8-meter width and six-meter height. In a large space, there are many small concrete apartments.There is also a big and small hill covered with palm trees. Fresh air is abundant. This area can attract tourists to visit during the festival days.


Planning for a trip with your pals and relatives Then Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia is the ideal option for you. Kampong Chhnang is a beautiful and serene city. This city is also the capital of Kampong Chhnang Province. Sap River is located close to Kampong Chhnang. With its serene locations like sugar palm-lined horizons, Kampong Chhnang welcomes large number of guests from world-wide. There are many tourist destinations which are located in and around the city. One of the celebrated sightseeing attractions is the Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang. The Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang is toured by tourists from various countries of the world. 

Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang is the popular temple of the locality. Wat Sahn-dtoot is sited in the midst of tranquil ambiance. The Wat Sahn-dtoot in Kampong Chhnang is situated on the top of the hill. This hill is known far and wide for its rock formations. From the Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang you can have excellent views of the mountains and rivers. On the top of the Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang you will find flags. If you want to get to the Wat Sahn-dtoot, Kampong Chhnang then you must follow the way down from the Shell gas station. Wat Sahn-dtoot located in Kampong Chhnang is sited close to the Triangle Park.


Prasat Kampong Preach How to go: Location: Description: Located at Wat kampong Preah, Chhnuk Tru Commune, Boribo District in eight-Kilometer distance from the provincial town.


Tonle Sap view area is located in front of Phsar Krom, about 1 kilometer from the provincial town. The site includes many floating houses and fishing lots, where locals raise and catch fish. The site is popular among foreign visitors who want to learn about Cambodian fishermen and those people who live on the river. The Tonle Sap is a very large river, which at one point becomes as wide as a lake. Traveling along this river is an interesting way to reach Siam Reap from Pnomh Penh. While the slow boats take a couple of days to make the journey, it is easy to find fast boats which take only half a day.

It is preferable to arm oneself with sunscreen and sit on the top of the boat (which will be overcrowded), to get a better view, more fresh air, and improve your chances of survival should the boat capsize. In June and November the Tonle Sap River changes direction. In June, with monsoon rains swelling the Mekong, excess water is pushed into the Tonle Sap that then drains back upstream into the lake, flooding the surrounding low plains. By monsoon's end, in November, the pressure is relieved and the Tonle Sap reverses course and returns to the direction of flow expected of it.

However, the waters of this, the largest of Southeast Asian lakes, take several more months before they begin to recede, and it is not until February that Tonle Sap Lake begins its return to normal size. The mud banks created by the flooding are extremely fertile, and local rice farmers have developed a deepwater rice that is unique to this area. The months of flooding also encourages the growth of huge fish stocks and other aquatic life, that become extremely easy to catch once the waters begin to reside. Fishing families string nets and bamboo traps across the lake's mouth and the numerous fish can almost be plucked from the water. The Tonle Sap Lake's level drops so fast that it catches out many of its inhabitants, and its not unlikely to see fisherman picking their catch from the trees.


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