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Wat Phnom Yaht This is the hilltop temple next to Wat Gohng-kahng. The temple is a good example of how things have changed in Pailin since the surrender deal. A number of moths after the deal a friend and I had a conversation with the head monk of the temple and he said that he still felt very intimidated by the local authorities, all ex- Khmer Rouge. He was strongly discouraged from giving Buddhist instruction to the townspeople. With the influx of Cambodians from other parts of the country and a change of heart for some of the ex-KR, the temple has seen a rebirth. 

There is a beautiful new decorative stairway leading to the hilltop temple area, where a new temple is under construction and the monks openly teach the faith. Obviously, respect for monks has risen, and temple projects are receiving a lot of donations. Great views of the Pailin area and the dynamite sunsets over the Border Mountains can be had from the hilltop.


Border Crossing & Casino Area The locals refer to this area as simply Pbrohm. This was a main lifeline of the Khmer Rouge during the years of fighting with the government. Food, supplies and weaponry were brought over from Thailand here. 

The action today is of the gaming type with the Flamingo Casino open for business and another under construction. The casino sees a lot more business than the one in town, as the Thai people that represent the vast majority of customers like the idea of staying within spitting distance of Thailand. So if you like tossing money away, you have several choices in Pailin. There are also a few seedy looking karaoke bars with ladies working near the casinos and border. As for using Pailin as a border crossing to and from Thailand: The Thais have no problem with it and will issue you a Thai visa or stamp you out between 7 am and 5 pm. The problem is on the Cambodian side as the immigration police say that it?s not an officially sanctioned crossing and there is no way that a foreigner can cross here. So for now it?s best to sticks with Poipet and Koh Kong for land crossings. Getting to the border is the interesting part. 

About 5 km on the way from Pailin is a small wooden bridge going over the Oh-chah-rah River. The water coming down from the mountains is clean, so a swim here is an inviting prospect. You also pass by the bombed shell of a tank, reminding you which side of the border you are on. Tank bodies just sit where they die in Cambodia and simply become another part of the landscape. The border is easy to get to ?just the one turn on the map. It takes just under a half hour and is around 180 baht for roundtrip moto-taxi.


Ceasar Casino, Pailin City is one of the major tourist attractions in Pailin City in Cambodia. Pailin City is situated in the west side of Cambodia. It is close to the border of Thailand. The city is rich in gem, precious stones and timber sources. It is a place where you can have a great time and enjoy to the fullest. Thousands of tourists visit Ceasar Casino, Pailin City every year. It is quite a popular casino in Pailin City. 

There is also a Ceasar pub located in the same complex of the Ceasar Casino, Pailin City. Both the pub and the casino are opened very frequently nowadays for the tourists to visit. Visiting Ceasar Casino in Pailin City will be a different kind of experience for the visitors in Pailin City. Ceasar Casino, Pailin City provides a lot of facilities to the tourists. This casino is a place where you can spend some good time. You can also enjoy playing various kinds of games in this casino. A visit to this casino is a must on a trip to the Pailin City.


Waterfall Like all waterfalls, the rainy season is the best time to go with the water flowing best then. But there are still pools of clean water to cool off in during the dry season and the heavily forested hills provide nice scenery. Locals and folks on holiday from Battambang come here on weekends and holidays and the well-worn pathways and picnic spots are safe for your use. Hiking to the upper level brings you to more pools. Your best bet for getting out here is to take a moto-taxi or have one lead the way, as there are several turns on unmarked small roads.


Kbal O'Chra is located O'Chra village, Toul Lwea Commune, Kan Pailin, about 5 kilometes . It is a Nature & Wildlife Preserves. One of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Pailin City is the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City. A pretty little town positioned in the west of Cambodia, Pailin City is dotted with a plethora of points of attraction. This picturesque city is snuggled between Battambang and the border of Thailand. When you come to this beautiful city, a visit to the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City should be in your list of must-visits.Kbal O Chra, Pailin City is located at the Ouchra Leu Village in Tuol Lwea Commune, Khan Pailin. The provincial town is just 5 km away from Kbal O Chra in Pailin City.

Throughout the year the Pailin City is flocked by hordes of tourists from various corners of the world. The areas in and around the Pailin City are loaded with gemstones. Precious gemstones of different varieties are present in these areas. Purchasing such gemstones is one of the main attractions that draw tourists to the city. That apart, the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City is a major attraction in Pailin City for tourists who come here. travel.mapsofworld.com provides complete online information about the Kbal O Chra, Pailin City and other tourist attractions in Pailin City.


Phnom Yat is a cultural and historical site located in Pailin City. It is not a holy place where people come to worship, but also the heart of Pailin City. The mountain is 60 meters high, 700 meters long, 300 meters wide and covers 30, 000 square meters. The top is accessible on foot or by vehicle. A staircase of 242 steps, each step about 25 centimeters high, was completed on Oct 13, 1998. 

The site includes an old pagoda similar to Kola pagoda. It was built on the hilltop by the Kola people in 1922. The are many ancient structures on Phnom Yat, including the big and small stupas and Asroms (the hermitage, a place for meditating). The area holds many superstitions for Pailin residents and some visitors.Although a wealth of gems already have been mined in Pailin, the hill is till believed to hold more. Many kiosks, or small cottages, are available for visitors to relax in on the mountaintop. 

Phnom Yat Resort, Pailin City is one of the renowned historical and cultural sites that have attracted large crowds of tourists. The first thing that one notices about this particular pagoda is that it uses a wide range of and innumerable precious stones. Previously locales and passersby were the only visitors but now with the increase in the number of tourists there are more people who go to the Phnom Yat Resort, Pailin CityPhnom Yat Resort, Pailin City is especially well known for the Ko La style pagoda. Besides the pagoda which is the central attraction there is a stupa. The stupa is placed behind the pagoda. This has served as the cemetery for Rattanak Sambat, the father of Cambodian literary figure, Khun Niery. It is believed that their ashes are preserved here.

There are many stories that justify the building of the Phnom Yat Resort, Pailin City. According to the legends people met a sorceress while hunting for animals in the jungle. She was called Yiey Yat or grandmother Yat and she warned them against killing her animals. If they stopped the hunting then they were promised a surprise reward near the stream on Mount Yat. The people found an otter playing on the stream. The otter opened its mouth and within it were precious gems. From pey (otter) playing or ?leng? the place Pailin got its name.

Later a shrine was built to show due respect to Grandmother Yat. People come here to ask her to relive them of their pains. There is also a statue of the magic otter enshrined at the Phnom Yat Resort in Pailin City. Here you will also find other statues of which depict the Buddhist hell, adulterers punished by tying them to thorn trees and also show images of the liars tongues being pulled out. Today the shrine is counted as one of the important tourist attractions.The famous novel, Pailin Rose written by Nheck Tem gives the details of the story behind the construction of the Phnom Yat Resort, Pailin City.

The story's central character Chao Chet, an orphaned poor boy came to work for Rattanak Sambat. Eventually he fell in love with the master's daughter. The father decided to marry his daughter to the governor of Sanker District (east of Battambang), named Balatt. Destitute and sad, Chao Chet played chauffer for Balatt and the bride. However, on their way their car broke down and robbers attacked them. Chao Chet, who sincerely loved the girl, Khun Niery saved her life and delivered her to her father. Impressed by the chivalry of Chet, Rattanak gave his daughter?s hand to Chao Chet.


Phnom Koy is located in Sangkat Stung Kach, Khan Sala Krao, about 20 kilometers north of Pailin city. Phnom Koy is a national site rich in forest and big lianas. A natural stream flows down this mountain.


O'Tavao is located in Sangkat O'Tavao, Khan Pailin, about 5 kilometers from Pailin city. It is a natural site rich in beautiful scenery and clean water, which flows from Phnom Khieu.


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